A frame for EASY FIX bed

A practical and really solid bedframe which is perfect for non-elastic mattresses. It is made of 15 spring slats positioned on the frame. The height of the frame is 6cm. We can adjust a frame for every mattress in our offer. It is also possible to order a frame with non-standard dimensions.

A frame for VARIO FIX bed

A solid frame composed of 28 spring slats positioned in self-aligning seats (bearings). The slats guarantee optimum horizontal and vertical support for the mattress. The middle part of the frame has regulated rigidity. The frame is adjusted to all types of mattresses. The frame height – 8cm. It is possible to purchase the frame in any size.



An adjustable support frame for EASY FLEX bed

A durable bed support frame made of 15 spring slats placed on its construction. The possibility of controlling the headrest and foot peg manually enables adjustment of the support frame with a mattress on it according to one’s own needs. It is enough to lift the headrest to read a book or watch TV in comfort. Lifting the foot peg is a perfect way to provide relaxation for our legs after a whole day’s work. Frame height – 6.5cm. Frame dimensions depend on an individual order. We are ready to prepare support frames for any bed with non-standard dimensions.

An adjustable support frame for VARIO FLEX bed

The advanced construction of VarioFlex support frame has significant influence on sleeping comfort. It has 28 elastic spring slats which are mounted in pairs along with overlays. It considerably improves durability and amortization. The separated collar bone zone as well as a possibility to control its rigidity makes the entire construction adjust better to the body of a user. The support frame has been designed for all kinds of mattresses.

An electrically adjusted support frame
for CLASSIC 7 MOT bed

Comfort of rest achieved thanks to modern technology. A perfect support frame with electric control has 7 zones, 28 elastic spring slats and triple moving overlays operating in various directions. For better comfort collar bone increased comfort zones have been separated. Metal parts are powder painted which guaranteed durability of the coating. Classic 7 Mot has two independent low-noise motors enabling electric control of both the lower and the upper part. The set also includes a controller enabling comfortable regulation. In the support frame there is a low voltage 24 V system as well as an emergency support frame folding system in case of electric breakdown. The frame is adjusted for both foam and latex mattresses.

TWIN MASTER – An electrically
adjusted support frame

An electrically controlled support frame with a two-motor drive which is easy to fix on any bed. It guarantees comfortable sleep at night and outstanding relaxation during the day. It has numerous elbows and regulation points. Thanks to the support frame it is possible to adjust the position of a mattress to individual needs maintaining its properties. It is also possible to purchase a remote control. Frame height – 10cm.